Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last Day At Garden Cafe Kitchen...

late for 4 min again...haizz..
don't care edi la..
late go back later as well..
when i reach Golden Sand saw GK..
shock again...=_="
he say i'm late..
i'm not..i'm not late..actually yes...XD
as usual fried the potatoes..
then change the plastic folder and put new sticker..
after that i went out to fry omelette..
Chef Yong was there..
he ask me to go away he can do by his own but i want to stay there coz inside ntg to do..
finally i noe how to flip the
got guest accolade me say that i'm good in cooking omelette...
hahahaha...thx to the guest...but i'm not reali good yet..
still in
after morning buffet i go eat with GK..
boring la..
he don't talk then i also don't talk..
i just play hp games and he reads newspaper..
msg Chef Keat to wake him up to fry egg..XD
almost end of my break time Chef Keat onli MC back...
Chef Pin say he miss me...=_="
after lunch have to look after the lunch buffet..
today i cook pasta like hell..all chef keep on sweating..=_=""""
take some ice-kacang to eat at chiller coz damm hot!!!
GK inside..
ntg much talk..
Chef Yong saw us inside and ask what we doing=_="
we just so go inside have a COLD air-cond..
din hear what we explain then just close the door...
wois!!!how to go out??
the door already got problem..aduh!!!!
at last i hit the door as hard as well to open...
finally open..phew....=_="
go back to the pasta station again..
guest all running back home coz almost times up..
keep things...rush...rush...rush...
eating time^^V
i want lamb leh!!!!lamb!!!where is my lamb?!!!!
they keep edi..T_T
my lamb GONE!!!!
no to eat roast chicken and satay..
rush down to canteen and have some dessert..
oit!!!GK!!!where is my dessert??
ask me take myself??lazy la..
he went back early coz still got work...
after he went back home i have my dessert..hehe..
stomach full^^V
is time to go back..XD

623pm Chef Keat call me..
stupid chef dunno english so call me..XD
ask me go kitchen so he will cook me a crab with salt egg sauce..
crab died can eat meh??
ask other Chef Robin tomorrow..
wanna give me a wake up call at 3am to have a piss??XD
impossible i can wake up..
i will wake u up at 6am to fry omelette...hehe..
he ask me go out for movie..
sure i want la..
since i go training i haven't watch even 1 movie leh..
Night of the Museum, Angel and Demons, Monster vs Alien...
i want watch all leh...
ask Chef Keat to teman me next week i off..hehe..
at nite will go out with Zura to have dinner and supper(combined)..XD
Li-Min wanna join??maggi goreng wor..XD

Sunday, May 17, 2009

1 week in the kitchen..

Today i sleep late again..
609am onli wake up coz last nite wait for GK msg wait till fall sleep forget to set alarm..
as usual wash cloth go work..
today i finally meet GK when i on the way to Golden Sand^^
but unfortunately i heard him say "diu" lor..
ok fine!!
i just walk as usual make myself nvr saw him..
but he walk to me and say "Da Kip"..=_="
i know is u la stupid pig...i don't talk much till we reach Hotel..
he went to canteen for breakfast then i just go to kitchen n start fried the potatoes..
today got a new malay girl come to main kitchen..
walao wei..she quiet pretty..
jealous with her coz she can same group with GK..
GK come to kitchen and start chat with the girl..
fine fine..
i just keep quiet..sumore not feeling well..gastric..X_X
i keep quiet look
so everyone try to make me happy..
but i can't laugh..
sorry guys..
i laugh my gastric more pain..
GK say why today i never talk..
i say i'm not feeling well..
i think he never heard it..
again he ask..
i say i gastric..
again never heard it well..
whatever la..
1030am cutting pepper..
cut 1 bowl edi i take go and keep inside chiller..
when i come out..
that malay girl and GK was gone..
wth!!go lunch also never call me..
haizz..emo whole day..
today is the most busy day..
morning breakfast buffet, afternoon lunch buffet..
at least got things to do la..
today luckily got Kin Mun accompany me eat lunch..
no need GK anymore..HNG!!!!
after my lunch i back to my spaghetti station..
babi betoi that malay girl rampas my station..
fine..i go Tom Yam n Mee Rebus station..
cook the mee and put the soup for guest..
GK tell me just now the the chef ask him take the chicken in..
but another chef ask him take back out..
he take out edi the Chef Kar Hook ask where is the chicken??
coz that chicken was un-cook..
is that funny?
i know u try to make me laugh..
but i really no mood..
maybe coz of the babi..
and u treat her so good!!T_T
230pm..start collecting all the food in..
i eat the chicken and dessert..
WOW!!!dessert!!!my favourite..hehehe^^
he saw me eat the dessert so happy coz finally i smile..XD
after clear everything up..
time's up can go back..
i go toilet to wash my face coz Chef Keat draw my face with marker pen=_="
then i saw GK at canteen..
when i come out i go up office to take the chart..
but Sarah was off today..
so i went down to call GK go back together..
he went back himself never ask me wanna go back or not..
damm idiot!!!!
he throw me away for the whole day!!!!
geram betoi!!!!!
got to go back myself...

wait till 5pm i go swimming with Kin Mun..
swim till 620pm we went back home..
aunt never cook my food..
i'm hungry T_T
i wanna call him for dinner but he got work..
what to do..
makan sendiri lah....
finally i have stay at kitchen for 1 week..

6th day at kitchen..

today sleep late edi!!!
faster jump up change clothes and go work..
he off today..
so i quite lega for whole day..
won't geram with his word..
but i have no teman to eat lunch..
today cut tomatoes, pepper, onion into cubes again..
and open some egg for omelette tomorrow..
till 12pm i just went to canteen and have a sit..
suddenly Kin Mun MC me..
wanna call back but Chef Roy say my friends was there..
i saw GK!!!XD
so happy to see them..
finally my off day also got ppl accompany me chat..hehe..
sit not enough 30min they want to go back edi..
so dissapointed..
but still got Chef Robin there la...
chat for half an hour more then my rest time finish..
i go butchery to sit and sleep..
what a boring day..
3pm go back..
another boring training day end..........

Friday, May 15, 2009

3rd day of my training..

3rd day of training start from 7am to 3pm..
finally i got the time to work although is early..
i hope can meet GK when i walk to Golden Sand..
but still can't..nvm..
meet at kitchen still the same..hehe..
went to kitchen with no mood..
miss someone..
today fried potato..
after fried ntg to do just walk here walk there..
walk to the roti canai station..
Chef Sidek teach me how to make roti canai..
he ask me to flip the roti canai but i scare do wrong so nvr try..
will try tomorrow..hehe..
but i jz fried the roti canai..

Golden Sand Roti Canai..XD

omelette omelette..
GK ask me learn omelette but there is a lot of customer i scare i do wrong and give customer the black omelette..@_@
i stand at the bread and fruit station..

bread station

GK come and ask me why dreaming?
do u know what to do at this station?
he sweep his hand to the basket and 2 flies fly out..swt..
stand there and halau flies??
isn't true?
laugh at me is wrong and kena kao kao edi..
i hit his
11am go orientation wif GK..
stupid fellow talk my bad word to Kin Mun..
say i stand at buffet line there dreaming but not halau flies..=_="
today GK make me a roti canai..
nt bad..
tat's the roti canai i like and not the mamak style..
thx it's nice but i just say not nice..haha..
many ppl say me n GK couple edi..
coz they jealous no ppl make them
i stole a chocolate muffin to eat..
is nice too^^
2pm i went bak to kitchen..
there's ntg to do at all..
3pm GK ask me to go back together..
go back sleep...ZzzzZZzzZ

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2nd Day of My training...

today is 2nd day of my training..
9am to 5pm again..
i wish can 7am to 3pm..
so can go back wif GK and others..hehe..
today 11am got a orientation..
but i din go coz i dunno where is it..=_="
msg Kin Mun nvr reply..
oh god!!!today went training ntg to cut at all!!!!
today wrapped all the vegetable and meat inside freezer so ppl won't saman us coz of not hygiene..=_="

wrapped and wrapped and wrapped..@_@

at last finishing wrapping..
1030am i go out help collect the breakfast tray..
time out for breakfast..
so many things left..
but all go into dustbin..
so waste..
y cant keep or "tapao" go back like Alvina??XD
after collect everything in..
lunch time..
he ask me go eat..
but i damm stupid ask him bak why??
then he chiow edi..haizz..
but i reali not hungry ma..
y everyone ask me to eat???=_="
i go lunch alone again..
coz kitchen no ppl at all..
i sit down sms with Cap Limau with a cup of 100 plus..
Chef Xiao Pin saw me sit there alone then he ask GK to accompany me..
GK talk a lot but i just keep quite..
then he went to locker has a snap..
i walk here walk there..ntg can do..@_@
y am i inside the kitchen with ntg to do?
3pm all go back again..
left me alone..
i find the oldest chef ask him gt popiah can roll or not..
finally got things can do..
roll and roll and roll..
finally 5pm..
go back sleep..
mine 2nd day end with ntg..haizz...

at nite Sheena, Kin Mun and I go eat "Bah Kut Teh"
after dinner walk to night market..
the night market ntg at all..
all the cetak rompak, T-shirt, jeweleries and etc...
boring pasar malam..
they bring me go and see the big fish, lobsters and other seafood that still alive..
Kin Mun ask me when GK walk here don't say hi to him..
wois!!!where got GK?
is he coming?
no man!!!!
today my hair so messy@_@
OH GOD!!!!
he work here??
he walk to us...
no choice..
die then die...see then see
i hit his back..
he ask me who am i??=_="
is me ah..Apple..
he say i look different with at kitchen..
u also same la..
don't wear spec act cool meh...
he say why your bf feel so vexed..
is my aunt la..
i don't have bf la..
no ppl trust me..=_="
we just went back and didn't wait for him coz still early..
bye bye lor GK...

1st day of My Traning 11 May 2009

Today is my 1st day training...
feel nervous...
scare i will burn the whole kitchen..XD
1st my friend Kin Mun bring me go meet Mr.Wong
when i saw him..
how to say??
ppl look straight not like a joker..
but when he interview me at phone talk like a joker..=_="
after meet Mr.Wong and fill in the form..
i get my uniform then start work..
1st station Garden Cafe for 2 weeks..
is a Asian food restaurant..
today do what leh?
i thought got a lot of things to do..
but i'm wrong..
wrong hotel!!!!=_="
i meet chef Roy inside..
he ask me cut a lot of things..

cut pepper into small cube..

take off the seed from tomatoes..

cut the tomatoes into cubes..

onion cut into cube too..

slice mushroom..
all is for tomorrow omelette..

finally finish
lunch time..
don't feel like to eat..
sumore no friend accompany..
locker no place to sit and sleep..T_T
this name i heard it from Kin Mun a lot of time..
i thought he is a chef at the Garden Cafe..
OMG!!!he looks leng zai...XD
he is trainee from DC31 @_@
why i never saw him b4?nvm..
he dun talk much..
but after lunch he start talk a lot..
quiet fun be his friend..
after lunch there's ntg to do..
all jz stand a side to chat..
whole kitchen ask me where am i from?
where am i from??
i dunno la..
Ipoh, Taiping, KL, Penang..
each ppl nt same answer..haha..
but currently home is at
2pm edi..
3 hrs more..
finally a order come..
burger set..
finally can cook burger..

this is the burger i make^^

3pm all chef going back..
include GK..
i be alone again..
a india chef come..
he ask me cook some satay..
hehe..finally gt things to do..

this is the satay i grill out^^V

after grill the satay and eat..
1hr 30min more..
why hotel so big ntg to do wan..
luckily a chef ask me roll popiah..
i roll the popiah wif another 2 chef..
the big chef say trainee jz came already noe hw to do..
u 2 big old chef do more than 10yrs edi still dunno hw to roll popiah..=_="
funny chef..

the popiah that i roll..hehe..

after big chef go away..
2 small chef start keep things..=_="
pls don't keep..
let me do..
i very boring..
finally 5pm..
go eat wif small chef then go back sleep..
my 1st day training end with boring day..
but at least i learn how to do burger, satay and popiah..kekekeke..