Saturday, December 20, 2008

MeLaKa TriP

Go Melaka on 3:03pm??


so late..

Melaka have ntg 2 play la guys..



i go there eat..


1st go visit all the museum, red house, etc..

MeLaka ChUrcH

BiG BooM..XD

BeCa fuLL wiTh ColoUrfuL FloWer..

i DuNnO WaT is Tis..JoE!!!Ap3 Ni??

after visit all the History of City..

we went to Jonker Street..

Jonker Street is a night market..

it full with jeweleries and food..XD

there are also many restaurants, drinking outlets, handicraft shops, antique shops and more lining both sides of Jonker Street..

MeLaKa RiVer..

LenG Zai..XD

SoTonG BaKar..Oh GOD!!!VinCenT BoUghT iT aNd WhoLe Car FuLL wiF "SoTonG" Sm3ll@_@

food!!food!!food!!!my favourite..XD

there was a stage and got many ppl make performance..

got x'mas dance, magic show and quiz..
i got a free gift with answer the quiz..
i was so lucky to pick by the ppl 2 answer the quiz coz i take a lot of balloon..XD

i bought a lot of things there..

i bought a pencil box(lion shape) to accompany my panda..


i bought a ring that cost rm1.50..

damm cheap..


chicken rice ball+wan tan mee+chow kuey+cendol+ketupat+laksa+mango sago ice..


after visit the Jonker street..

we went to portugese settlement(Portugese Square)

portugese square full with wif SEAFOOD!!!!!XD

eat till forget to take pic wif seafood..


Friday, December 19, 2008

LosT Th3 2nd HoMe

Joe tell me that Ipoh Halo Cafe was closing..
i was shock..
we have lost the 2nd home..
and all the singer either me will lost the job..
why Hui Ling wanna open new cafe??
Halo Cafe no good??
Joe was promise me 2 play the Nickle's song when i back to Halo Cafe..
but i has promise Cap Limau to go JB..
and that day was the last day Halo Cafe open..
what should i do???
all old staff back to Halo Cafe and i was not there sure all will feel sad..
but if i din't go JB will waste money..
Ah!!!!!what should i do???

Sunday, December 7, 2008

PaHanG TriP^^

it was the 1st trip 4 ch4..

On the way 2 resort by lori^^


Mr.Gay+Me at the room..

lunch???i though is buffet??!!!

Darryl wat r u doing??gt spoon don't want 2 use..=_="

Swim at muddy water..OMG!!!

Tele match

turn n turn n turn..pening@_@

Darryl and Me at hall(night) favourite..XD

Steven and Me at hall too..(last day)