Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year New Life..

hmm..i have been more then half year nvr cum up lor..
i lost memory about the password..
nw rmbr bak edi..XD

i was training at COPTHORNE ORCHID HOTEL from Oktober till December 2009
there are many things happen inside
i hate the sad scene
new year new life..
i will try to forget about it!!!

Now bak to New college, Taylor's Lakeside Campus..
totally suckx!!!
the college is not ready yet and they ask us to study at there..WTH!!!
the classroom air-corn is hot like a Oven
NO 1 noe how to on the air-corn =_="
some even spoil..
and the table is small like a mouse..
put a pensel box then there is no more space to write
no table at all!!!
where to put my bottle?where to put my bag??
Food court are totally suckx too..
nw jz have few batch moving in..
how if all the taylor student from other campus also move in?
there is no more space to let us have a place to eat..
n ther food are totally expensive..
it cost me RM7.50 for a mix rice..
RM4.80 for a chicken rice..
Walao wei!!!
we jz a student nt a rich man..
Hope can move bak to old campus..
there are more facilities n transportation too..