Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm Tired

after weeks..
im still thinking..
hw many tears will drop off from my eyes..
hw many thunder will shock my heart day by day..
is getting hard n hard between us...

u nvr understand gal..
u nvr noe wat they wan..
hw can u say tis kind of joke??
i cry my ass off u noe?
u dunno..
u jz say im emo-ing..
hw can u ask r u ok?
off course everybody will say ok..

tis morning u suddenly msg me say thr is bad news..
u say will tell me after i work..
but u jz run out from house n went to Kuantan..
then Pahang..
wt happen ??
u dun even tell me till i finish my work..

u noe im working 2molo??
till nw i haven sleep jz to wait u go bk..
but when i call u..
i jz heard d sound tat u r jz wake up..
i hope i think too much..
i jz cant stop crying..

pls dont emo again..
im begging u..
i reali reali tired wif ur emo-ing..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things Change

today u suddenly very emo..
im scare..
i dun even dare to talk to u..
i scare i say d wrong word like last time again..

suddenly u make u make up ur mind to choose degree at Taylor..
then we nt going to Aus anymore?
we nt going to take advance anymore?

suddenly u say u going concert wif Jelly on 14Feb..
we nt going out together tat day anymore?
u nt going to celebrate my bday anymore?

i noe things is going to change soon..
i noe u nt going to be like last time anymore..
but at least u make up ur mind..
im happy wif it..
add oil Bi~ <3

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

As Sweet as A Candy ~

I <3 my life nw..
pls dun rampas it with all ur conspirasi and white lie..
im nt ditching u guys...
but i reali have her to think about..
i noe u all gonna call me "Pentingkan Awek Sebelum Kawan" but face the fact..
i nvr have tis kind of feeling after 18yrs..
i dare to say she is "The One" <3
i spare the time for u guys but dun put the pressure for me. Can?

She is "The One"
i keep laughing after i read it..
sori im nt d 1st one to like it..
but im d last 1 to comment..

Love u Love u Love u..
d more u love me d more i scare..
im scare to loosing u..
but u jz swear tat u wont leave me..
i reali happy nw..
i reali feel im very cheerful nw..
thx u so much bi~
i swear tat i wont leave u too..
Love u so much..

im very tired..
im so sleepy...
but i wan u to sleep 1st..
u realise or nt since d 1st day till nw we couple..
u r d 1 who off9 onli i off..
special case for us..<3

im looking at ur pic till i fall a sleep..
i will let my lappy and skype on..
cz u say let it on and we sleep beside each other till next day..
but at last u off it..
maybe u sleepy and forget..
but nvm..
i let mine on till next day u skype me up..
G9 bi~ Muackx..<3

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Scare

i reali dunno wat to do..
i try to accept ur request as posting we r in relationship..
but once i saw my uncle on9..
i straight away delete it..
i noe im nt a gud gf..
i jz can't do it...
im reali reali SORRY..
since d 1st day i noe it's hard for us..
i dunno..
i dunno..
i dunno..
dunno wat to do nw..

see my face soo moody right?
jz cant laugh..
watever arif sent to amira i nvr laugh at all although is funny..
be urself too k..
i dun wan u act happy in front of me..
dun follow me too..
go to wat u wan in ur heart..
like study..
i dun like boring so i will choose advance..
advance has more practical..
if u reali dun like to cook u can choose degree..
i dun mind..
we still can meet at the same college..
we can wait for each other after class..<3

1 more thing..
dun always ask me whr i 1 2 go..
jz bring me anywhr..
go the place tat i nvr been b4..
kahwin lari also can..
as long is wif u im ok wif it..
when i 1 2 go the place i will tell u k..
if i dun like i will tell u too..
i promise i won't keep secret within us..
Bi wanna noe smtg??
i jz cry b4 our skype chatting..XS

can we go Aus??
i jz wanna leave here..
i feel so uneasy at here..:-(

Monday, January 3, 2011


u jz say u try for 1 yr to make her family accept u..
but after 1yr..
u give up..
after 1yr is same will happen to me too??
urghh !!
FML !! FML !! FML !!
jz FFML!!
i noe wat i wish for it will nvr come true..
it jz a dream..
i will wake up after days..

rmbr ystd u say u keep reading Chapter 8..
it reali scared me..
i scared smtg will happen..
i nvr sleep well d whole nite..
i guess tonite too..

jz a dream..
i will try to forget bout wat u say..
Love u always..<3

Liar !!

i hate liar !!
i reali reali hate liar !!
btw i lie a lot too..
i noe hw it feel nw..
sorry to all d ppl i lie to..
sorry for nt being a gud fren too..

Anep, Jelly, Hafiz, Amirul !!!
4 of u !!
is out from my list !!
i won't trust u guys anymore..
and u guys jz break the relationship of 2 yrs fren wei..

u ask me go Penang but at last u cancel it..
cz u say u promise Nana teman her..
then nite go Langkawi wif ur cousin..
baiknye cousin kau kan?!!

u ask me to believe u?
wat a joke!! FAG!!
hw hard i believe u and told u everything..
and u jz lie..
nw i noe u..
u say u gt a plan wif ur fren at KL..
but at last u at Penang..

Jelly !!
i nvr believe ur words..
u jz lie to ur bro..
ur 2yrs bro..
u noe hw he feel?
u nvr noe till u reali gt cheated 1 day..

Amirul !!
wat a hero boy..
go some gal house lepak?
gt to teman ur fren to find his gf?
u think u r wat?
Brandon Boy?!!
fuck off !!
another liar!!


Racist Mom

i gt a racist mom...
i noe u dun like i making fren wif malay and india..
come on la..
it's jz fren wei..
i dun even couple wif them tat time..
but nw yes i am couple wif a malay guy..
it doesn't matter malay, chinese or india..
as long as he love me very much and im fine wif it..
and i choose d way to becum a christian last time..
u will also will find a way to stop me..
Y? Y? Y?
it's belong to the heart who he/she believe to..
u can't force them..
pls forgive me tat i hv choose a malay to becum my bf nw..
i noe u still can't accept it..
so i jz keep secret for it till u reali understand me..

i rmbr u alway say dun choose malay cz they will make CURSE on me..
i rmbr u alway say dun choose india cz they will HIT their wife..
but d bf/husband i choose for future i promise it won't happen this..
dun worry about me..
i noe wat im doing..
i hope u can accept him one day..