Saturday, February 7, 2009

Halo Cafe Member Gathering^^

finally i bak to ipoh..
hey guys..
i'm bak..kekeke..
today went to "tan sai kai" for steamboat..
say wanna celebrate ah ming go Singapore..
y becum celebrate Kar Weng n my b'day???

Peggy and Sandy stop finishing my food!!!!i haven take wei..

ppl who taking food going to marry soon..4get his

Look here la guys..

Ming eat little bit money to eat ntg..=_="

Kar Weng eat non-stop..XD

pandan layer b'day cake(bro favourite)

Kar Weng b'day(12/2)+my b'day(14/2)
celebrate so early=_="

Peggy, Sandy, David, ???
Meng, Kar Weng, Me, Emily
(Halo Cafe Member ^^V)
After steamboat continue to hot traxx..
drink a lot of beer..
"tor che lou" is loser..XD
pay all 9 bucket of tiger..kakaka

Birthday Wishes..kekeke..

Valentine's day is my b'day???
gud or no gud??
many ppl say gud..
but 4 me tis year..
reali no gud..
coz no couple..
Heart Shape Necklace
Guinea Pig

C905i (got it soon^^)

Pink Colour Apple Mac Book Air

Ipod NaNo(pink)

Mini Ipod

Baby Milo Pink Shoe

Baby Milo Green Shoe

Baby Milo T-shirt
Big Teddy Bear
all want pink colour..
n baby milo is my favourite cartoon..
guys buy for me..