Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 3

i sleep at 5am and i wake up at 10am..
5hrs sleep..
i dun feel like to wake up..
but i promise my fren to go out..
i went to Sunway jz nw..
i gt an interview..
sell hp..
salary is better than pizza..
so which 1 i should go for?
suggestion pls??
after interview i go eat XXL chicken..
extra spicy..yummy~ <3
after hv my lunch i went for mv..
Gulliver's Travel
bajet mv..but very funny..XD
my fren say Tourist is nice..
let's go watch together k?
couple sit ? lol
after mv Nabil text me say tat he already reach KL..
whr 1 2 lepak ltr..
i dunno 1 2 go or nt..
i dun feel like going out wif him..
ystd hang out wif hafiz also like akward onli..@_@
so wat should i do bi?
i reali hope u r here and bring me out..
i dun want go wif others..
i jz wanna go out wif u..
720pm nw..
i noe i will receive ur msg by tis time..
i can sent as much msg as i can..
i no need talk to wall anymore..
cz it's jz 15sen per msg..
hiak hiak hiak..
miss u..
continue writing by tonite..

Can't Sleep :-(

i haven sleep..
im tired..
but i jz dun feel sleepy..
wish u r here to teman me sleep..

i went to Pyramid to renew my sim card..
i went to buy new number..
i went movie wif Jelly, Hafiz and Anep..
today everything GG..
d most funny thing is we went for mv..
i check on9 it written cinema 10..
but by tat time we go thr..
we went in cinema 10 is indian mv..
then go to cinema 9..
also indian mv..
cinema 8..
malay mv..
damm son..
whr is d room for Tron?
Hafiz face damm panic wei..
so funny..
me n Jelly keep laughing..
but at last we jz walk bk..
we go to mamak under bridge..
i eat tomyam + teh O ice..
onli rm5..XD
after eat we went to CC to play L4D..
Jelly play like shit..
he purposely dun go in the safe room..
and we dunno jelly is playing wif us..XS
we went bk at 4am..
damm !!
i 4get my grandma still keep d lauk for me..
n i hv to eat it..
after eat..
i jz kacau ppl at fb..
im bored..
i chat wif Fad and Muhammad Falique..
me and Falique plan to go Beroga Hill on 8th Jan..
can i go ? can i go?
can we go together?
u sure agree right?
cz i noe u love me so much..
i miss u..
im waiting till 830am surely u will text me..
i hav a nap 1st..
wake up at 830am n reply ur msg..
g9 bi~ miss u..<3

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Dream

i hate u DREAM!!
always give me a bad dream..
at last give a sweet dream la..
pls let me dream smtg bout him..

nw i reali dream smtg bout him..
again bad dream bout him..
i dream bout my family dun accept him..
who ever i choose sure my family dun like..
hw sad i cry..
hw hard i explain..
they jz dun accept..
fuck wei..

i noe tis will be real happen soon..
my mom jz cant accept it..
my dad is ok..
but hw bout my relatives?
i dunno wat to nw..

no matter wat happen i wont leave u..
so do u ok?
i miss u..<3

Day 2

im sitting on my bed..
im rolling on my bed..
im drinking on my bed..
im eating on my bed..
im sleeping on my bed..
im SICK wif my bed !!!
it was so bored !!!

wat i 1 2 do today ??
i dunno wat i do today..
it's 430pm nw..
im facing the fb for 5hrs..@_@
is bored !!
FACEBOOK is bored !!

im need to get out from tis house..
i wan go Pangkor..
i wan go Langkawi..
i need a vacation !!!
will u go wif me ? >,<

im going out to Pyramid at 6pm..
i go active my number and find job..
wanna join me ?

im waiting 730pm to reach...
i noe u will text me by tat time..

i wanna scold u !!
i wanna hit u !!
i wan bite u !!
coz u soaked in rain !!
i dun wan u to sick..
take care of urself ok..

im sick wif the weather..
Hari Mendung..
make me fell so cold..
all come..
it make me fell so tired..
jz hope u r here so i can hug u and sleep..:-*

Letter for them..

stop posting d word tat so meant to me..
i noe it's for me..
n stop say u love me..

i noe i hurt u guys a lot..
im sorry..
i jz can't choose d correct way..
i choose u i will hurt others..
i choose other i will hurt u..
wat should i do?
someone pls tell me wat to do..
hw bout if i jz leave here?
gud idea right?

u guys can find a better gf..
im nt a gud gf / wife..
i bad..
i nt as gud as u think..
im nt cute..
im fat..
im ugly..

i jz wanna be ur fren..
i dun expect more..
pls do treat me as a fren..
i noe i hurt u guys alot..
sori for my BAD WORD..

go find ur future wife and let me see..
u guys do deserved a better 1..
GUD LUCK for u guys..
im sori~

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 1

i set my alarm at 445am so i can wake up b4 u..
till 5am i wan wake u up..
but GG..
my hp smtg wrong..
i wake up at 6am..
when i wake up i saw ur msg..
i very happy to see ur msg..
i miss u a lot..
but im too tired to reply u..
sori Bi~

i wake up at 919am..
i was late for work..
i call to office..
luckily no need to go so early..
12pm onli go..

i was keep waiting and waiting for ur msg..
y 12pm also haven recelved ur msg?
pls dun leave me..
tis was wat i think..
so stupid right? :-(

i finish work at 445pm today..
i walk bk home..
i pass by d padang near my house..
i miss we sitting thr chat..<3

i went bk sleep till u text me..
yeah ~ finaly gt ur msg..
i wish to received ur msg non-stop..
but its too expensive so i dun let u sent for me..

i curang..
i skype wif Nabil..
i jz cant sleep..
im bored !!
faster cum bak !!!
i wan skype wif u..
i noe u dun like skype..
nvm :-)

2molo i hv no work..
is damm boring..
i wish u r here and we can go date..<3
gud nite Bi~ miss u~

Chapter 8

Afiq Khairuzaman !!! <3
i miss u a lot..
i jz cant wait to see u..
i noe u went Bali wif ur family..
and u break d promise to celebrate New Year wif me..
but nvm..
i will wait till u cum bk..
no matter hw many days u went..
i will wait till u cum bk..
i will wait till i die..X_X

our journey jz start 5days ago..
i hope it will long, last for forever..
i rmbr d word u say to me..
u r d best i ever had..
so touching #^_^#

u like me for quiet long edi right?
but u jz dunno wat u want..
i knew it !! XD
i noe through ur msg..
d way u talk..
d way u treat me..
is diffent wif others..
u sent a lot weird msg for me..
but i jz ignored it..
i always say u r DRUNK !!
i noe it will nt happen..
i jz said to myself stop dreaming..
i jz couldn't stop d dream..
i keep dreaming..
i hope i nvr wake up from this dream..

at last u wake me up..
u wake me up and u still beside me..
i noe it was nt a dream anymore..
finally i can be myself..

after u read my blog u will noe who am i..
anyway i jz respect ur answer..
if anything happen..
jz rmbr u alway in my heart.. <3

Chapter 7

TGV boy..
i gt a lot of crush at TGV..
but i jz nvr start it wif them..
i noe they will fight for it..
the most i love is black..
u noe wat i say..
read d story "Warm Shoulder"
he same age wif u..
he jealous a lot..
when i talk to other guys he will cum n pull me out from d conversation..
we went for break together..
we work in same station together..
we even went bak and hang out together..
2yr++ n i end it up!!
i went to Vietnam training..
coz of the training end up the relationship between us..
he ask me nt to go..
i keep think bout it..
should i leave or nt?
i need to do smtg for my future..
so i choose d way to leave..
after 3 months we nvr contact each other..
i went bk to TGV..
he gt his new GF..
i was shock..
but i noe it was my fault to leave him..
hope he will happy for forever..

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 is end of CH..
the time i went for my training..
Penang Boy! XS
i dunno hw to start..
he was a chef at Golden Sand Resort @ Penang..
commis 3..
the youngest and useless
he nvr study since form 2..
he jz say he is lazy to study..
nw he has no future..
n he regret..

he like a lot of trainee b4..
he try to pikat them..
even malay he also go for it..
but still GG..

he always bring me whenever i wan to go..
till nw i reali dunno why i like him..
i used him to bring me go everywhr i wan?
i used his money?
he try very hard to make me happy too..
but i jz cant..
after i finish my training..
i went bk..
i try to end up tis relationship but GG..
he everyday call me n text me..
i feel like malas to layan him anymore..
he even try to killed himself..
he say u do it again i bang car down d hill n u will noe..
i off my phone for weeks..
i change my number..
n he can find way to get my new number..
sticky like a pulut rice..@_@
i went to Vietnam for training..
i try to end up everything..
but he still wait for me..
he call me n text me when i was at Vietnam..
i jz say i nvr received anything from him..XS
i look very
POISON right?
after i cum bk from Vietnam..
he still call me..
until my whole family noe..
everytime i go my relatives house..
they sure will ask he still gt call u or nt..
FML once again..
i make myself dissapear for 1 week..
he keep calling n calling n calling..
n between tat week..
he gt an accident..
his face, his tooth, his hand all injured..
his fren all call me..
i jz dun pick up..
till one of his fren left me a msg at fb onli i noe he cause in an accident..
when i noe it i dun even called him..
i dun even text him..
i reali reali 1 2 end tis up..
till today he still called me..
rmbr we go B.A?
gt a fren called me...
he is d 1 who called me..
i like malas to layan him..
but i cant..
i noe he is going to haunted my life for forever..
BI~ teach me wat to do??
i dun wan him to disturb my life anymore..
nt even ur life..

Chapter 5

sekelip mata dah Chapter 5..
while i writting all tis story..
i nvr miss anyone..
i jz miss u..
i miss the 1 who want to noe my story..
i miss the 1 who go Bali with his family..
i miss the 1 who still text me while he is at oversea..
i miss u so much..
counting down the days waiting for u to cum bk..<3

Chapter 5..
who was d unlucky wan?
haha..i also almost forget bout it..
Fuck Face..
nt HZ k..XS
i hate him a lot..
he keep spam my fb last time..
he is from CH3..
he pass his CH but he failed his diploma..
i dunno wat batch he in nw..
couple wif him was a mistake..
i think he bet wif his fren tat he can pikat me..
at last he won..
and it end after 1 month..
i dunno wat happen..
break up nite..
i cry like shit once again..
he call me..
he msg me..
i jz nvr give any respond to him..
till he call my to my house..
nobody was at home..
i keep crying whole nite..
he ask me am i ok?
can i say im nt ok?
i can say pls dun leave me?
i jz can say FML !!
2 days b4 he try to made up wif me..
but i reject it..
maybe of tat reason he dump me?
who noe?
he jz say he still love his ex..
we still fren nw..

Chapter 4

Budak Kelate..
he is cute..
very handsome..
from 1st sight i hate him a lot..
coz he everyday kacau me..
he stand beside me when we gt gathering..
use sand throw at me..
keep calling my name..
even though his fren also follow..
one day..
he write on table say tat he like me..
n i saw it..
i was like WOW!!
he like me?!
i cant stop laughing..
at class..
he sing me a song in front many ppl..
a teacher ask him to who tis song u sing to..?
and he say my name..
everybody was jealous wif me..
a lot gals started to hate me..
everyday he sit in front of me eat rice..
try to take chance to talk to me when we watching kayak competition from other camp..
is hard to get together coz inside camp they will seperate us to 2 side..
left all boys and right all gals..

i take part in Kayak and Netball competition..
he was in ntg !!
hahaha..he is a lazy boy..
i win a trophy while Kayak..
and get 2nd at Netball Competition..
i cry coz jz 1 mark different..
he cum and talk to me and we jz gt together..
cz i like the way he care bout me..
i noe it wont last long..
it's a long distance love again..
it end 1 week b4 we graduate from tat camp coz he nvr understand wat i wan..
i write his name out on table n scold him noob..
he saw tat..
he get angry..XD
i dun care anymore..
cz he curang to me..
he always layan a gal tat the gal like him..
jz say GOODBYE to him..

Chapter 3

tis guy cheer me up when my 2nd break up...
once again i was crying for 1 month..
no matter wat i do..
whr i go..
i jz cry..
i watching tv also cry..
cry till my dad ask y am i crying..
n i jz lie to my dad say im watching sad story..XD

tis guy i meet him at internet..
he stay at KL while i stay at Ipoh..
end of my SPM i went to KL to meet him..
there we start our Chapter 3..<3
and the unlucky thing happen !!
Gosh !!
i kena NS !!
NS broke down our relationship..
NS no hp, no internet, no visit !
worst than jail !! >,<'
we end up the journey wif him within 6 months..
sori tat i change again..
i like other..
n i jz nvr contact him even though i can use hp on week days..
he cry to beg me dun leave him..
but i jz dun 1 2 waste his time...
but nw he found a gal tat reali reali love her..
Sori for nt being a gud couple..

Chapter 2

coz of this guys i dump my 4 1/2 yrs bf !!
FML !!

i reali reali regret they way i choose..
he fall on me coz i always acc him when he break up wif his gf..
n i spent more time wif him than my bf..
n tat's d way i fall on him too..

his gf gt mental problem..
always wan him to stay at skol even though they r finish class..
jz to acc her..
he gt his own family..
he need to go for tuition also..
y cant she jz understand him?
his gf try to kill herself at skol cz of me..
why me?!! y always me?!!
cz im close to ur bf so u 1 2 killed urself..
go ahead!! i dont mind !!
no brain onli do tis kind of thing !! NOOB SIAL !!
at last they break up coz tat guy explaint to her say tat he like me nt u..
tat gal call me at nite to ask me take gud care of him..
i jz say ok..
but life change >,<
tat gal nvr give up on him yet !!
we go for shopping, karaoke, tuition..sure she will be thr..
she will tarik him 1 side and walk away wif him..
he jz follow...
farrkk wei !!
i jz keep quiet for 1 yr..
i can't stand for it anymore..
if he reali love me he wont do tis..
thousand of times i fight wif him cz of tat BITCH !!
i cry till i almost faint..
i nvr eat for days..
i noe i very stupid..
i love him too much..
it's time to let go..

Story Of My Life (Chapter 1)

why so many ppl like to noe story of my life??
sharing is caring?!!
is a PAST !!
tis is the last time i story story of my life..

it began since i was 12yrs old..
im jz a kid !!
goshh!! if my mom noe bout it she will kill me wei ~
i noe him from tuition centre..
he love me so much..
he treat me like a gold..
he nvr let go till i do so..
we nvr fight for 4 1/2yrs..
he nvr let me do things alone..
if he is nt free..
he will ask his fren to acc me to wherever i wan to go..
wat i wish to he will do it for me..
i wish for a hp once..he reali bought me tat hp i wan..
he try very very hard to make me happy..
i jz choose the wrong way..
i feel sorry to him..
i regret for the way i choose..

he is a very kind guy..
i hope he gt a gf tat treat him like hw he treat me..
and happy forever without me..
i miss u..

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Be Myself

People say "just be yourself" all the time..
but seriously..
when im looking at them..
i can clearly see they are not better off than me...
even thought they think they have got everything figure out..
do they even noe who they are??
they have family, friends, plans, money(or not), job(or studies)...
but take it all away wat's left??
do they know who they are when everything falls away??

the problem is having the strength to BE that person..
because the person is soooo~ different wif THIS person..

wishing i could just FIT IN FOR ONCE..
be like everyone else..
im so scare they wont like the REAL me and the won't agree things wif wat i say n think..

i need to let go and just BE..
i need to dress up the way i want..
say the things i wan to say..
do the things tat i wan to do..
i hv to STOP being who everyone else want me to be..

The quiet, smart, good-gal act has got to go..
where's that personality that i just noe is dying to get out..
tat's a gud place to start..
letting my personality show..

here's to taking that first terifying steps.. <3

Saturday, December 25, 2010


wat is going on by tis few weeks??
so many things happen..
it was so confusing!!
wat am i going to do?
should i walk out ?
or let it be?
today is xmas..
do i deserve for it ?
i gt d 3rd present..
n i jz noe d story of the present..
wat am i going to do nw?!!
everybody is acting ab-normal nowaday..
who can help me ?
i need to talk to somebody..
but i jz cant trust anyone..
wat i wan nw?
i seriously dunno..
hoping for the question and answer yes ?