Wednesday, November 19, 2008

KitCheN ClaSs

i think tis day i is the most tired day..
i have turn more than 50 potatoes n my hand already cramp..
tis is half of the potatoes i hav turn onli..=_="
Christmas Theme tat day^^

Little apple(is a dessert made my Mr.Charizan)

2 Leng Zai at my class..many ppl like

half face of mayXD

can't c Nor face..haha

Cham+May+Me(at boy's locker..XD)

Vincent(poiting his lovely hair=.=")+Kelvin(act kesian)+Me+May

"Kao La" vincent!!!

they press me down dun let me take pic T_T

Saturday, November 15, 2008

CraZy Sing3r

end class early than normally..
actually i already date other ppl go watch movie..
but i cancel it coz all go karaoke..
my favourite..XD

Mei get angry tat day coz Darryl bluf him say all guys nt going..haha..
bad Darryl..
gals was lucky coz Mei drive..
boys hav 2 take ktm..
so cham..

i hate red box since last time..
but tis red box at THE GARDEN is the best red box..
no sound effection..
check in on 2:30pm n sing non-stop till 7pm..
all sing like mad ppl..
especially Darryl n Vincent..

so ugly..he dun let me take again..T_T

the onli leng lui at ch4..haha

wat r u doing helen???


SinG aGaiN..

stop disturbing me KELVIN!!!i 1 2 SinG..XD

he act cute whole day=_="

helen n me

My HaiR..T_T

3 gals sing non-stop..XD


Me n big sis(Mei)

the onli 5 chinese gal at ch4^^


Red BoX chHrisTmaS tRee^^

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

C tiS b4 U Giv3 birTh

WorLd cHanGinG..

wth is tat?
y can ppl do tat 2 a cute baby..
damm it!!!

tis is a baby tat jz 6 months in stomach..

they cut the liver, intestine all out..damm!!!

then put it at ice water for 8hrs..

then they prepare other ingredient like chicken, "dang gui", "gei ji" and many many more..

the baby was boiled..

they drink the "baby soup"

they believe tat after drink it can born a baby boy..

wat for kill a baby gal n born a baby boy..

dun they fell geli after drink the soup..