Monday, March 15, 2010

warm shoulder..

I miss his warm shoulder..
i dunno we like each or wat..
he will always give me a surprise..
last month same shift same position wif him..
when i feel tired he hug me to his chest and hav a nap..
9/3/10 he hug me watch movie inside cinema..
10/3/10 he text me say tat he luv me..
14/3/10 he walk in n hug me when i feel cold..
i feel safe when he is beside me..
his fren told me tat he say he like me..
but he nvr told me tat..
n i jz kiri masuk kanan keluar..
today i jz finish my class and he suddenly text me again..
ask where am i..
i dunno wat he want..
and i will nvr noe about it for forever..