Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm Tired

after weeks..
im still thinking..
hw many tears will drop off from my eyes..
hw many thunder will shock my heart day by day..
is getting hard n hard between us...

u nvr understand gal..
u nvr noe wat they wan..
hw can u say tis kind of joke??
i cry my ass off u noe?
u dunno..
u jz say im emo-ing..
hw can u ask r u ok?
off course everybody will say ok..

tis morning u suddenly msg me say thr is bad news..
u say will tell me after i work..
but u jz run out from house n went to Kuantan..
then Pahang..
wt happen ??
u dun even tell me till i finish my work..

u noe im working 2molo??
till nw i haven sleep jz to wait u go bk..
but when i call u..
i jz heard d sound tat u r jz wake up..
i hope i think too much..
i jz cant stop crying..

pls dont emo again..
im begging u..
i reali reali tired wif ur emo-ing..

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