Monday, January 3, 2011

Racist Mom

i gt a racist mom...
i noe u dun like i making fren wif malay and india..
come on la..
it's jz fren wei..
i dun even couple wif them tat time..
but nw yes i am couple wif a malay guy..
it doesn't matter malay, chinese or india..
as long as he love me very much and im fine wif it..
and i choose d way to becum a christian last time..
u will also will find a way to stop me..
Y? Y? Y?
it's belong to the heart who he/she believe to..
u can't force them..
pls forgive me tat i hv choose a malay to becum my bf nw..
i noe u still can't accept it..
so i jz keep secret for it till u reali understand me..

i rmbr u alway say dun choose malay cz they will make CURSE on me..
i rmbr u alway say dun choose india cz they will HIT their wife..
but d bf/husband i choose for future i promise it won't happen this..
dun worry about me..
i noe wat im doing..
i hope u can accept him one day..

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