Monday, January 3, 2011

Liar !!

i hate liar !!
i reali reali hate liar !!
btw i lie a lot too..
i noe hw it feel nw..
sorry to all d ppl i lie to..
sorry for nt being a gud fren too..

Anep, Jelly, Hafiz, Amirul !!!
4 of u !!
is out from my list !!
i won't trust u guys anymore..
and u guys jz break the relationship of 2 yrs fren wei..

u ask me go Penang but at last u cancel it..
cz u say u promise Nana teman her..
then nite go Langkawi wif ur cousin..
baiknye cousin kau kan?!!

u ask me to believe u?
wat a joke!! FAG!!
hw hard i believe u and told u everything..
and u jz lie..
nw i noe u..
u say u gt a plan wif ur fren at KL..
but at last u at Penang..

Jelly !!
i nvr believe ur words..
u jz lie to ur bro..
ur 2yrs bro..
u noe hw he feel?
u nvr noe till u reali gt cheated 1 day..

Amirul !!
wat a hero boy..
go some gal house lepak?
gt to teman ur fren to find his gf?
u think u r wat?
Brandon Boy?!!
fuck off !!
another liar!!


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