Wednesday, January 5, 2011

As Sweet as A Candy ~

I <3 my life nw..
pls dun rampas it with all ur conspirasi and white lie..
im nt ditching u guys...
but i reali have her to think about..
i noe u all gonna call me "Pentingkan Awek Sebelum Kawan" but face the fact..
i nvr have tis kind of feeling after 18yrs..
i dare to say she is "The One" <3
i spare the time for u guys but dun put the pressure for me. Can?

She is "The One"
i keep laughing after i read it..
sori im nt d 1st one to like it..
but im d last 1 to comment..

Love u Love u Love u..
d more u love me d more i scare..
im scare to loosing u..
but u jz swear tat u wont leave me..
i reali happy nw..
i reali feel im very cheerful nw..
thx u so much bi~
i swear tat i wont leave u too..
Love u so much..

im very tired..
im so sleepy...
but i wan u to sleep 1st..
u realise or nt since d 1st day till nw we couple..
u r d 1 who off9 onli i off..
special case for us..<3

im looking at ur pic till i fall a sleep..
i will let my lappy and skype on..
cz u say let it on and we sleep beside each other till next day..
but at last u off it..
maybe u sleepy and forget..
but nvm..
i let mine on till next day u skype me up..
G9 bi~ Muackx..<3

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