Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year !!!

Happy New Year for everybody..
im wishing everybody Happy New Year at fb @ 12am ?!!
damm son ~
it was quiet fun..
searching old frens and wished them..
my padang gt wireworks..
it was so nice..
but u r nt here to watch wif me..:-(
u promise me to celebrate it together by next yr..
if u ffk again i will bite u..XD
i hope every big festival we can celebrate together..<3
my phone keep ringing..
all d NY msg cuming in..

actually after texing u at 9pm..
i sleep till fireworks wake me up..
luckily i nvr miss this New
my bk was so pain till i cant walk..
i jz lying down on my bed and rest..
but it's better nw..
no worry..^_^

i wish u r here to celebrate wif me..
huging me and kissing my forehead...
we watching fireworks together..
i noe it was jz a dream..
forget about tat..haha..

i jz cant wait for u to cum bk..
i hope nw is 7pm..
im counting down..
18hrs more..
i wish to control the time..XD

Happy New Year To U Bi~
Mission for 2011~
Have a Happy Journey wif Bi till end of the world~

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