Saturday, January 1, 2011


i gt some secret to tell u..
guess wat..
jz realise so many dc32 ppl like me...
u r so lucky..
hiak hiak hiak...

Nabil like me !!! >,<
Hafiz like me !!! >,<
Afiq LOVE me !!! <3

Nabil nvr give up since term 5..
wat should i do?
i keep reject him but he still nvr change..
he always say i love u so hard and u jz nvr realise..
he text me at fb, skype..
i purposely nvr reply..
ystd he ask me go out..
and i reject it..
he say he 1 2 propose to me ystd..
and i jz reject it..
he jz say nvm..
still gt a lot of time..@_@
then he also text me wish me Happy New Year..
he hope i hv feeling on him by tis yr...=_="
i reply him at 130am..
purposely late reply..
then he sent me so much..he will try his best to make me happy..bla bla bla..
he text me again say tat he already reach home..luv me again..

tis is 1 of the story onli..
i gt more and more and more..
it's reali Complicated life..

5 more hrs and u r bak...
cant wait to see u..

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