Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm Scare

i reali dunno wat to do..
i try to accept ur request as posting we r in relationship..
but once i saw my uncle on9..
i straight away delete it..
i noe im nt a gud gf..
i jz can't do it...
im reali reali SORRY..
since d 1st day i noe it's hard for us..
i dunno..
i dunno..
i dunno..
dunno wat to do nw..

see my face soo moody right?
jz cant laugh..
watever arif sent to amira i nvr laugh at all although is funny..
be urself too k..
i dun wan u act happy in front of me..
dun follow me too..
go to wat u wan in ur heart..
like study..
i dun like boring so i will choose advance..
advance has more practical..
if u reali dun like to cook u can choose degree..
i dun mind..
we still can meet at the same college..
we can wait for each other after class..<3

1 more thing..
dun always ask me whr i 1 2 go..
jz bring me anywhr..
go the place tat i nvr been b4..
kahwin lari also can..
as long is wif u im ok wif it..
when i 1 2 go the place i will tell u k..
if i dun like i will tell u too..
i promise i won't keep secret within us..
Bi wanna noe smtg??
i jz cry b4 our skype chatting..XS

can we go Aus??
i jz wanna leave here..
i feel so uneasy at here..:-(

1 comment:

Emmy said...

Dont scare and dont cry..apple.. Even both of u didnt put in relationship it's ok too..coz both of u love each other and put inside ur heart can edi... ^^